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What Is FormerlyMe?

FormerlyMe is an online movement to motivate and inspire people to become the best version of themselves by showing them my journey and experience in trying a new workout and lifestyle regime every 30 days.  

Every post, update, and video is ‘formerly me’ as I endeavor to become the best version of myself by learning new workouts, exercises, nutrition approaches, mindsets, philosophies, and more. 

Each 30 day part focuses on a particular fitness resource which can be a gym, a dojo, dance studio, or any other local area business.  We also will review products that we find interesting or useful along the journey. 

The YouTube channel will post weekly videos and cross promotes to participating businesses who are supporting the movement. One of the main features of the weekly videos is my end of the day rant in which I will describe how my mind and body feel.  

Then there are the eBooks which will feature that month’s business owners/trainers showing the exercises in detail with daily write-ups on nutrition plan for that month. All royalties from eBook sales will benefit a non-profit foundation which works to bring nutrition and fitness to economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. 

The website will allow people to sign up for updates, email list, and also create their own FormerlyMe profile so they can share their own success stories.  

Follow me as I discover the path towards the best version of myself and become FormerlyMe.

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Bethany Hope Fitness

Formerly Me Is An Official Sponsor of Jason Brown – IFBB Professional Bodybuilder